I learnt today that Strasbourg is home to the International Space University (ISU). Which is apparently THE place to go if you intend to become an cosmonaut or ‘space’ professional.

And you thought Strasbourg was just full of chemists and bureaucrats?

I’ve been asked by a certain ISU student to mention this year’s Yuri’s Night knees-up. What is Yuri’s night? Well it’s kind of like Guy Fawkes – but without the effigy burning. On the 12th April 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first man in Space – a fact that is now celebrated every year on the 12th of April around the world by “people who are excited about space exploration”.

Well, I’m pretty excited about it …

If you’d like to know more – here’s the press release:

Celebrate the First Man in Space

Yuri’s Night is the St Patrick’s Day of space… in honor of the first man in space Yuri Gagarin, parties are celebrated all around the world on April 12th.

Currently, there are 75 registered parties in 25 countries, to commemorate this revolutionary achievement that changed our perception of the world and showcased the awesome capability of mankind.

In Europe, amongst others there will be parties in: Copenhagen, Stuttgart, Portugal, Sweden, UK, Bulgaria and countless more held unofficially across Europe to mark this record making occasion.

Strasbourg, as the home of the International Space University (ISU) is no exception.

The students of ISU, a class of 50 students from different countries and multiple academic disciplines are set to throw a party to rival all others.

Proposed activities include:

  • A Red Carpet Style World Premier of the Documentary “Orphans of Apollo
  • International Cocktail Party and After Party
  • Rocket Launches with local school children and other outreach events
  • Presentations of Art and Music

Our aim is to create a night to remember on Saturday April 12th.

As a vibrant, progressive and innovative corporation in the Strasbourg area, we invite you to get involved through sponsorship, with this global event, that will once again firmly place Strasbourg on the map as an international centre and place to be…

Please join us to make Yuri s Night 08 truly a night to remember.

Contact: timiebi.aganaba@masters.isunet.edu | 0642062652