Just want to bore you for a minute or two with my tales of woe following my misguided attempts to upgrade my PC to Windows 7.  As the situation currently stands my expensive custom built desktop computer is currently sitting idle, it is now incapable of booting up so therefore will most likely remain idle for some time.

This is the end result of approximately two weeks of lost productivity time in trying to bring my system (which was built in 2007) into the new age of Microsoft operating system technology.

I had convinced myself that Windows XP had to be replaced, if only because it was so old, being first released in 1999. Like a naive schoolboy I assumed that modernising would make my life easier, and my system more secure. Indeed, Microsoft’s helpful ‘upgrade advisor’ gave no clue as to the actual reality of making the leap of faith, cheerfully telling me I could slap the x64 or x32 version of Windows 7  onto my computer without much ado.

In my first attempt to upgrade I opted for the 64 bit install – but just moments after the machine had automatically ‘activated’ the W7 install the entire system crashed – forcing me to run a ‘restore’ to a pre-activation build, which in turn required a ‘startup repair’. Further persistence demonstrated that half of my legacy software would no longer function in a 64 bit environment, and while there was a supposed 32 bit emulator built into the system – this appeared to do sweet FA.

I went back to the drawing board and installed the 32 bit variation with slightly better results, however the machine kept freezing due to apparent hardware incompatibility. Also I was no longer able to delete files from my network file server and Skype kept crashing on start-up. While I was able to sort out most problems with a bit of tinkering with the registry I still seemed to be hard-resetting the machine two or three times a day.

An email exchange with the machine manufacturer suggested that the only remaining solution was to update the BIOS on the motherboard. Which I did, and now regret.

The only thing that’s going to get me out of this mess now is money, which I’m not exactly flush with right now. Thanks Microsoft!