The fully updated and revised edition of ‘Window to Strasbourg’ has finally hit the shelves.

This is a must-have if you are an anglophone in, or about to move to Alsace, being a practical guide to everyday living in the region. The book translates as much French bureaucracy into plain English as is humanly possible, telling you:

  • which forms to fill out, when to do it and for what reason
  • How the tax system works
  • how the health and social security systems work,
  • how to rent or buy an apartment
  • the rules of the road and how to get around
  • finding schools and education for your kids
  • where to shop, eat and party
  • about social groups, clubs and societies
  • loads of other stuff about life in the area, that escapes me right now

The most appealing thing about Window to Strasbourg however, is the cover, which I designed.

You can buy a copy online at or at the Bookworm (the English bookshop next to Les Halles).