What’s on in Strasbourg …?

One of the most wonderful things about Strasbourg is it’s amazing capacity for springing events and festivals. On any given weekend you can more or less guarantee that there will be something going on in the city, but the chances are that you’ll be totally oblivious to it until you stumble upon it.

Today it was the turn of the ‘rue des frères flammenkuchen fête’ (brother’s road tarte flambee festival). Okay it may not sound like much, but it’s not every day they close a road in the city just so that Joe public can eat ham and cheese pizzas in the open.

Next weekend it will be something else – an open-air abattoir festival perhaps – or an aboriginal artists market maybe – but whatever the case the chances that you will know about it in advance are slim to none.

This is because festivals are officially banned in Strasbourg, and so the organisers have to keep it under wraps for fear of persecution… at least that’s the only logical explanation I can come up with to explain the lack of pre-event publicity. Grrr

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