For whatever reason, when they sat down and invented the French language, some bright spark must have suggested that it would be easier if final consonants were reserved for written purposes only; if only because pronouncing every single sound in a word can be an awful chore sometimes.

Undoubtedly – it is far easier and quicker to say “Gron Prie” than Grand Prix, “Renoe” than Renault, “Pursho” than Peugoet etcetera; and whatismore, most people will still understand what you’re talking about.

So now that my brain is finally starting to think (occasionally) in French – it is for this reason that I have found myself forgetting my esses (S’s). For example – when I visit the supermarket I find myself saying such things as:

“We must buy some carrot … and some banana… oh those yoghurt look cheap! How many packet of muesli do we need? … I had two egg for breakfast, so … there’s a lot of car on the road this morning…”

So while my French may be improving – evidently my English is deteriorating rapidly.