Using a French keyboard

//Using a French keyboard

Using a French keyboard

Quand on veut écrire quelque chose en français c’est bien plus facile si on utilise une clavier française, but if you zqnt to zrite so,ething in English on sqid keyboqrd; the chqnces qre it zill come out qs co,plete gobbldigook.

This is because the letters and symbols on a French keyboard are located in entirely different places to where you normally expect to find them on an English keyboard.

  • the a is where the q should be
  • the z is where the w should be
  • there is a , where you’d normally expect to find an m
  • and you have to hit shift in order to get any numbers – as the entire top line is dedicated to peculiar characters: &锑(-è_çà
  • No surprise then that it tqkes a bit of getting used to!

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