It’s times like these that make you realise why the dismantling of national postal services is a bad idea.  I have dealt with two private parcel firms in recent days who share the same attitude to their respective services.  Today is the second time I have had to deal with UPS’ useless attitude after a missed delivery.

The last time it happened my parcel sat in a Strasbourg warehouse for almost two weeks while it was progressively de-prioritised because I never seemed to be in when they came by.  But with UPS’ delivery system it is impossible to specify a delivery time – only a date, which means those of us who have to do the school run are prone to never receiving our packages from Useless Parcel Service. It didn’t matter how many times I’d call saying “don’t deliver it between 11.30 and 12.30” – their idiotic system ensured that that was the precise time that the driver would come by to find me not in .. and program in an automatic dumb delivery time 48 hours later.

Then there was the episode with CityLink delivering an urgent parcel to my Mother who lives in a small Somerset village.  Now because the nearest CityLink depot is thirty miles away, in Bristol, the driver was pressed for time, having to traverse such a distance.  So what did he do? Tapped on the door, waited for two and a half seconds, dropped in the missed delivery note and moved on.

The fact that my Mum wasn’t quick enough to the door meant that the only option left was for her to drive to Bristol to pick up the parcel herself.  So much for paying for a ‘lightening delivery’ on Amazon! She didn’t drive to Bristol of course, instead we called the sender and cancelled the order. Then reordered using the regular Royal Mail parcel service. If they tried then to deliver and found no-one at home they could always leave the parcel at the village post office for pick up.

Unfortunately I don’t have the same option with UPS – as dropping the item at my local post office would do me fine, but of course they can’t do that!

Vive la protectionism!