Concerning my post about the quality of service provided by ‘La Poste’, the french post office, I am dissappointed to report that even though I ‘touched-wood’ one of my parcels went missing in late Ocotober and, two months later, has yet to surface at it’s destination.

Alas, my opinion of the French postal system dwindles every time I recieve a parcel from the UK too – particularly when it appears to have been opened en route. A tip for my friends and family: please use staples in future!

On a happier note I can report that I was able to find something to use instead of raw kidney fat to bake my mince pies with. Auchan stock a cooking fat which is a part animal, part vegetable mixture – and perfect for mincemeat as well as pastry crust! In fact today my French teacher consumed half a pie without grimacing once!