There are certain aspects of French culture that are hard to avoid. One of these is the ‘bande-dessinée’ phenomenon (BD) – or ‘cartoons’ to you and I. The French just LOVE their cartoons and comic books.

The likes of Asterix and Tintin, both of whom I worshipped in my formative years, are world-famous, however of the millions of other francophone cartoon characters very few seem to have penetrated the anglophonic world.

One who must be knocking at the door is Titeuf. Titeuf, in a nutshell, is the French equivalent of Bart Simpson, and his books sell by the million in France.

Having only just discovered him myself – I have to admit that I’m already a fan. Titeuf is seriously funny stuff (particularly if you have the humour of an adolescent male).

Unfortunately, if you don’t understand any French you’ll find it hard to get the jokes; but maybe this is where modern technology can help us bridge the divide? Using Worldlingo I’ve obtained a straight translation of the ‘About Titeuf’ bit from the website:

Titeuf is a little boy with the turbulent existential interrogations and unbelieveable imagination. Not very good pupil in class, but expert in silly things as varied as the battle of droppings of nose or the drawn one from slipway, it loses its means only in front of pretty Nadia.

… I think that says it all really.