You would have thought that tin-cans would be one of the easiest things to recycle? However there is not a single recycling bank for such things in Strasbourg.

Paper, plastic containers and glass are easily dealt with. If you have a bag load of cans though – you have to drive (yep – no buses go to the recycling centre) and deposit your cans in a giant skip entitled ‘Metaux’.

Then, if you bother to make the journey, your cans will most likely sit at the bottom of a predominantly empty skip, next to a discarded exercise bike, for a year or so before enough metal is recieved to warrant recycling.

One can only assume this is because the French simply don’t consume enough tinned goods to justify setting-up a recycling service for tin and aluminium.

BUT one day they will discover tinned baked beans, tinned spaghetti, tinned kippers, tinned steam puddings, tinned mushy peas and ‘widget’ beer … and where will their recycling service be then – I ask you?!