The arrival of the amiable Jo-Wilfred Tsonga on our screens, as Roland Garros graces us once more with two weeks of top-notch tennis, is a welcome sight … for once. While his boyish charm and and sporting prowess make JW one of France’s best-loved sportsmen, his role in a seemingly never-ending TV campaign for Kinder Bueno make his face a less-then-welcome sight for the rest of the year.

The creatives in adland have decided that Beuno is great for sharing – because it is formed of two sickly-sweet  bars of chocolate. So, each ad features Mr Tsonga sharing his Beuno with an attractive girl. OK, so the idea is not bad on paper.

However the scenario is excruciatingly contrived, the production values are lamentable and the acting is about what you’d expect from an Australian soap opera.

To cap it all the choice of music that accompanies the outro is Lilly Allen’s “22” – with the wildly (in)appropriate lyrics “It’s sad but it’s true how society says, Her life is already over” – implying that the girl who is forced to share her chocolate bar with Jo-Wilfred is a hopeless case. “There’s nothing to do and there’s nothing to say” – indeed not.