There are two ways of looking at working from home. Firstly, positively:

  • You can manage your own time
  • Spend more time with your family
  • live anywhere in the world
  • no commuting
  • no dressing for work
  • be your own boss

Then negatively:

  • You have to manage your own time
  • you can’t get a moment’s peace from your family
  • you can never plan a holiday
  • you have no workmates to booze with after work
  • you can’t whinge about the boss

So far I can safely say that the positives out-weigh the negatives. One aspect of Strasbourg that works so well for me is the ability to step outside after (or even during) a hard day’s work – and immediately relax. Breath the fresh air, take a walk in the park or along the canal; take a coffee at Café Brant or Chez Michel and marvel at just how unlike London this place really is.

The trouble is right now – I simply have too much work to justify leaving the house, let alone stepping away from my desk. What kills me is – that there’s this wonderful country right outside – and I’m stuck in here … whinging to myself.