It is a little known fact that When St Patrick chased away the serpents and introduced catholicism to Ireland, he was all the time, smashed out of his brains.

Chasing serpents is hard work after all, and with so many great drinking establishments around the emerald isle, he couldn’t but help partake of the odd snifter in between snake-bashings.

By the time all the serpents had been chased from Ireland – St Patrick had visited almost every pub in the country, and was frankly in no fit state to preach.

And that’s why people of all races and colours around the world celebrate every Saint Patricks Day by getting ridiculously drunk.

I used to think celebrating St Patrick’s had something to do with being Irish – but judging by the ethnic mix of revellers outside my appartement last saturday night (when I had to call the Police), it is now clear to me that it has much more to do with being able to drink beer in vast quantities; and it’s not just the Irish who can claim to be good at that.