There’s a lot of brouhaha going on in Strasbourg about Johnny Hallyday’s concert at the Zenith last night, and fair enough, as it’s supposed to be his last tour (yeah right).

However another artist named Jonny is also hitting the headlines, and one that, personally, I am more inclined to go and see perform. Jonny Wilkinson, the star of English rugby who, as I predicted well over a year ago, made the move to Toulon from Newcastle earlier this year to revive his flagging career.

However his success in France since the start of the season has been largely ignored by the British rugby-going public mainly because the LNR (Ligue Nationale de Rugby) gets precisely zero coverage in the UK. I am sure Monsieur Wilkinson is not particularly bothered about this – as the British press have not exactly been positive about his chances of return to form.

Anyway, for all you English rugby fans out there, I have decided to create a Jonny-Wilk-o-meter (see sidebar >>) to help you track his performance week to week in the 2009/2010 French league.

Altogether now: Allez Toulon!