the car for real w*ankersI couldn’t help but notice when I cycled past one of these monsters the other day, and then after catching sight of two more shortly afterwards I thought it worth sharing my thoughts on BMW’s latest contribution to the world.

First off you can’t fault BMW’s business sense in recognising that there are enough people out there who meet the required demographic, people who:

  • are ridiculously wealthy
  • lack imagination
  • have no taste
  • have no style
  • have no class
  • know nothing about cars*
  • don’t give a toss about the planet
  • are sickeningly self-centred
  • have no life
  • have no friends, and
  • play golf

I also suspect there was some market research that pointed to a dysfunction in the domain of sexual performance, however that would be sheer speculation on my part. One upshot of the release of the X6 is that if you’re an owner of a Porsche Cayenne – you can no longer be regarded as the greatest tosser on the road.

*See Jeremy Clarkson’s review on Top Gear