The French have no sense of humour when it comes to self-ridicule; they just don’t get it. Perhaps it’s a form of humour exclusive to the British? Who knows.

We Brits can get some serious chuckle mileage out of things that are, for all intents and purposes, ‘crap’. Our politicians, our terrible public transport, our hopelessness at sport … we love to laugh at it all (what else can we do?). The French however find the very idea insulting.

I know this thanks to the frosty reception my comments regarding the humble ‘kugelhopf‘ have gained on a number of occassions.

So when I visited Strasbourg’s Christmas Marché des Bredle (biscuit market) and beheld this years ‘showpiece’ installation intended to draw thousands of tourists, I nearly wet myself laughing – but alas I was the only one.

Speaking for myself, I think a giant cake in the shape of a TGV train, poised delicately between two giant biscuits in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and Strasbourg Cathedral respectively, is so monumentally naff that it’s blinking hilarious! It’s a shame no-one else does.

How are we going to get people to go to the biscuit market when they can buy biscuits from every other stall or shop across the city anyway? We need a gimmick god-damn-it!

I’ve got it – we bake a giant cake in the shap of a TGV train – and decorate it with biscuits!

Brilliant! Pass me the flour…