I am in the fortunate position of occasionally being able to benchmark French Television programming against contemporary British fayre. And I am afraid to say that they are both as bad as each other. Indeed the same could be said of popular music in both countries, but I would never dare to say so – for fear of sounding like an old fart.

There is one glimmering light on French TV however, a programme which can be enjoyed four nights a week on TF1. It’s a fast-paced, never-a-dull-moment, feast-for-the-eyes extravaganza factual programme (in French of course). The downsides are – it’s rarely more than two minutes long, and the show’s presenter occasionally goes off on holiday. BUT without a doubt the weather report with Evelyne Dheliat has to be the best show on TV, no question!

Glorious Evelyne hits the screen like she’s on amphetamines; and her eloquent verbal diarrhoea is accompanied by a presentation style that is all at once vivacious, confident, sexy, energetic, enthused and very very French.

Like newsreader Claire Chazal, Evelyne is no spring chicken, but she manages to dress with such carefree style that you can forgive her Judith Chalmers like complexion as she shimmies and dances around the screen.

Evelyne makes my day, Monday to Thursday. I don’t recall any British weather forecaster having quite the same affect, expect perhaps for Ian McCaskill, who’s “Hello” was usually the highpoint of the forecast.

So would Evelyne’s style work in the UK? Decide for yourself: