I’ve been here long enough now to know a good ‘pain‘ when I touch/taste/chew one. Initially, way back in 2006, my talents could only (just about) distinguish a super-market stick from a bakers wand, and therefore not begrudge (too much) the additional 50 or so centimes that it would cost.

Now however, having tried a good many baguettes from a good many of Strasbourg’s finest bread-shops, I feel I am sufficiently informed to make a recommendation. While I certainly would not pretend to be a connoisseur I am a bit of a gourmand.

Today, there are only two Bakeries in Strasbourg that I am prepared to make a detour/extra hike to in the name of acquiring a distinctly good baguette for my lunch:

  • Au Petit Boulanger, rue de Barr | near the Musée d’Art Moderne | light, soft and fluffy in the middle, crust – thin and crispy; 10/10 – perfect!
  • Fleur du Rhin, rue des Juifs | near the Cathedral | light, soft and fluffy in the middle, crust – thick and crunchy; 9/10 – near perfect (I’d prefer a thinner crust)

Of course – not everyone will appreciate the culinary recommendations of an anglais, particularly when this particular one is also a fan of Black Pudding, Haggis and Tako Sushi?