There seems to be no such thing as ‘Prime Time’ TV programming in France, at least not on the national channels (France 2, 3, 4, 5, O).

Nothing demonstrates this better than the Friday-night post-news slot on France 3, which has been occupied by the same show since mid September. At first, it had to do battle with the monstrously popular ‘Star Academy’ over on TF1, which is a guaranteed ratings hit year-in year-out. So it made some kind of sense that France 3 would throw in the towel and show a ‘sea’ documentary during prime time.

Over half a year later however, the same show is still rolling out every Friday night for it’s specified duration of two (what seems like three) hours, with little competition. ‘Thalassa‘ as it is called (though I have no idea why) is essentially a reportage magazine show themed around the ocean: one week they’re following a ice breaker through the Arctic, the next they’re looking at crabs on sandy beaches in the south pacific.

Don’t get me wrong, the show isn’t that bad per se; but two hours? Every FRIDAY night? For seven months?!