While I have nothing against Tetley tea per se, I am getting bored of it.

Alas, Tetley is the only real coarse tea brand you can buy in France (the draw-string variety) so I am left with little choice but to go on drinking it. Twinings show up now and again in the supermarkets with the odd bag of Earl Grey mind you – but it’s just not the same as a rough old bag of red label cha!

The French prefer a mild, borderline-transparent, cuppa without milk, so finding anything other than weak draw-string dross on the shelves is quite an event.

You can imagine my excitement then, when a visitor from the UK arrived and declared “I’ve brought you some tea”. 160 bags of … Typhoo? … no … PG Tips? … no … it’s not chuffing Tetley again is it? Yes.