Sweaty season

Hot Summers, cold Winters… is pretty much the way to describe the climate here in Strasbourg.  In Summer though, while the idea of warmth might sound attractive, it is the inescapable humidity at night which drives local residents to the mountains or to cooler night air elsewhere in France (usually further south).  Daytime temperatures are currently averaging a nice 30 degrees, but at night we have to deal with 20 degrees and stifling humidity.

Worse still, if you live in a stone building, the stone walls that absorb the heat by day simply radiate it at night – making sleep almost impossible without some form of air conditioning.

It makes sense then to consider getting away in the summer to somewhere where the nights aren’t quite so punishing.  We have just returned from a fantastic week in Les Landes in the Aquitane region of South West France where, we were glad to hear, we had managed to escape a minor heatwave back up north.  Even so, our nights down south were somewhat fractious due to excessive consumption of the local gastronomy.

Sometimes you just can’t win…


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