Students Poor English

It's in English - so it must be good! Right?

As an expat you frequently have to put up with the locals butchering your mother tongue in person, (“Air io ingleesh?”), in punctuation (sandwich’s) and incomprehensible (mental wear, le fooding). Normally this doesn’t bother me. If anything, it reminds me that however bad my French may be it will never be as heinous as some of the locals’ English, and let’s be honest now – sometimes it can be quite amusing!

Unfortunately you also have to put up with the younger, cooler, generation shoving words through online translating machines and sticking them on posters around town now and again. Adolescents, alas, like to use swear words and so like to demonstrate their knowledge of English gros mots by using them wherever possible, as it attracts extra street kudos (and probably prevents French locals from reporting them to the police).

For example, I have found it hard to ignore recent posters by local party organisers Students Fuck School. Who obviously think using the word ‘fuck’ is in some way grand et malin, which it patently is not. While I may detest the use of the word, it is the enigmatic use of grammar that really gets my goat.

Is it supposed to be a translation of les étudiants baisent l’école? Present third-person plural (the students fuck / are fucking school) Or l’école de baise d’étudiants? Noun. (The Fuck School where students go). Is it perhaps a cheeky double entendre as we say in English?

Whatever the case it is clear that this is a phrase invented by some pauvre con (and I mean that in the anatomical sense of the word).

Marketing to the ignorant