A common complaint among the Anglophonic community in Strasbourg is that it can be a bit boring here. I would disagree.

While I think most complaints are directed at the French’s inability to drink vast amounts of alcohol on a nightly basis, if you’re looking for something to do – Strasbourg is a cultural and entertainment gold mine.

Until recently the only facility that Strasbourg lacked was a reasonably sized (contemporary) music venue, but the recent opening of the new Zenith Europe has solved that.

For Cinema goers there are a number of venues showing English-language films. A film that is V.O.S.T. (Version Original with Sub-Titles) is shown in the original language Рand all cinemas (except the Vox to my knowledge) show VOST films. Check out the Star cinemas, The Odyss̩e or Cin̩ Cit̩.

If you like a bit of comedy, well the choices are fewer, mainly because there is almost no English comedy going on in Strasbourg. But don’t let that stop you from trying out something French. While stand-up is a no-go area for non-francophones (it’s too quick and too clever for us foreigners) impro and mime are a gas.

I can highly recommend impro group Base Jump – who play au cammioneur every month; but be warned – get there early, they lock the doors five minutes before the show starts! Then there is Le Kafteur, Strasbourg’s answer to The Comedy Store, an intimate venue near the central station. This season I know there will be at least two shows that non-francophones will enjoy: both Les Cadavres Exquis (The Delightful Corpses) and Eaux Les Bains (Spa Waters) are Tati-esque pieces that should appeal to everyone.

Then of course there’s the opera, classical music, museums, galleries, sport (to watch or play) …

So really there’s nothing to complain about.

(I don’t know why I wrote this post – I guess I was bored.)


  1. Hehe!

    I’ve huffed and puffed about this too. The city does lack a certain dynamic when it comes to nightlife…probably due to regulations about noise after certain hours.

    Like you say there are things going on, you just have to work harder to find them out! Will check out the Cammioneur, sounds cool.

    Also there is an improvisation (comedy) night where two teams compete.

    Can’t complain really…wouldnt go back to Staffordshire!!



  2. Honestly, this town is the most boring place I have ever lived. I’m Dutch, from Amsterdam and before you say: “well, you can’t compare Amsterdam to this town”. Many people from the international community complain about the same things. Night life sucks, the people are either boring or rude (but rude boring people also exist), everything closes on Sundays, all bars and clubs close at 1pm or 3pm max and the music is only and exclusively mainstream. Strasbourg is basically a boring tourist town. The city can be summarized by one word: conformism. It’s everywhere, the events, the things they say, the way they dress. Maybe it’s French culture or maybe it’s Alsacian culture, conservatism is everywhere. If you’re deciding to live here; you’ve been warned.

    • Hi randomnamelol, thanks for the comment. I think you’re confusing your am’s and pm’s… but in Strasbourg’s defense: I used to live above a bar that closed at 4am and I know a restaurant that’s open to 3am. I’m a member of the international community and I’ve never complained. However, I do have kids and I don’t drink much anymore. If you want to get blitzed at a different place each night – then you need a bigger city. Strasbourg has about 250k people which is about one third the size of Amsterdam – so no, you can’t compare the two. As for the boring and rude bit – well I must admit I do get tired of meeting international workers who complain about Strasbourg’s nightlife 😉

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