Sorry – I’m early

I got caught out yesterday.

Due for a meeting in Cronenbourg at 12 midday, I scooted out of the house some ten minutes late to catch the tram, and so arrived at my appointment some 30 minutes early. Yes, early.

Having spent ten years in London I’ve got so used to adding a certain amount of ‘what-if’ time to my travel-schedule, so much so that I’m now habitually early everywhere I go.

In most cases, whenever I left the London pad for a not-to-be-missed rendez-vous, I would usually allow enough time to walk the distance, only gambling with a bus or tube-train if I felt lucky or didn’t particularly care how long it was going to take.

Now I regard walking as a last resort, just behind cycling.

I need to get used to the idea of public transport that works though, otherwise my now common pre-meet loitering is bound to get me into trouble. After all it’s difficult to stand around for long without looking like a drug-dealer/tramp/thief in someone’s eyes.

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