The whole of the Eurozone ‘crisis’ is based upon the level of confidence the ‘markets’ have in the indebted countries being able to repay their debts.  At the moment few believe that the Greeks will be able to repay anything any time soon.  This is primarily because in being Greek, they are known more for Moussaka and monuments than for their ability to make money. Now if the Greeks were actually German – there would be no Greek debt crisis.

Which leads me to wonder why no-one has considered this startlingly simple solution to the debt problem: make Greece part of Germany. Call it something like Grecauslandreich, dissolve the national parliament, tear up the constitution, and make it part of Federal Germany.

The markets would never doubt the German’s ability to improve tax collection techniques, nor honour it’s commitments to pay it’s debts.  Problem solved.

Sure, the Greeks might not like having German as their national language, but what price can you put on German efficiency in times of economic strife eh?  Just think of the fringe benefits: Athens taxi drivers would never overcharge again, the Elgin Marbles would be returned overnight and the roads would actually be safe to drive on.

A similar solution could be envisaged for Ireland, whereby Britain would annex its neighbour … we could call it “The United Kingdom” or some such thing …