Back in the UK, the falling of white stuff from the sky is usually greeted with general displeasure. It’s not that we don’t enjoy making snow-men and chucking snowballs about, on the contrary with think it’s the bee’s knees; however it’s arrival, without exception, can be guaranteed to cause travel chaos.

In Alsace though, everything seems to be running smoothly. We had a good six inches of snow on Tuesday night, and while much of it still remains, the roads, rail and cyclepaths (yes!) are clear, thanks to a stirling effort by the public services to grit, salt and plough all major thoroughfares.

My one complaint would be the pavements. It seems pedestrians are not quite so high on the safety list as in the UK (which you could probably put down to the ‘compensation culture’).

It is for this reason that pedestrain numbers around the city centre have fallen dramatically, one supposes, down to a general fear that one might fall-over – dramatically.