When Nicolas Sarkozy introduced the new ‘selective immigration’ policy – it was done in the name of protecting French jobs.

If jobs were the issue then students should have been exempt from any restrictions. However there is a stark contrast this year in Strasbourg compared with last. At Université Populaire student numbers have fallen significantly; primarily because people from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Far East have all been barred.

It seems like a classic bit of French protectionism again – though Sarko might hail this one is protecting jobs – I would say it is designed to protect France from having to face up to the responsibilities that come with being a multi-cultural and multi-racial nation. (Ergo, this is all about avoiding more riots – in election year!)

There is one upside from my perspective however: when I attend French class, I no longer have to deal with French spoken in a strong Chinese accent – which cuts out a whole level of translation.

Bonrour, ye shwe shinra = Bonjour, je suis Chinois = Hello, I am Chinese