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Unlike other guides to setting up a business, FREELANCE IN FRANCE 2015 is focussed entirely upon demystifying the sixteen different ways in which an individual may become self-employed in France. With up to date information and figures for 2015, it offers possibly the only like-for-like comparison of all the self-employment statuses available to the individual; including: auto-entrepreneur, chèques emploi (CESU), travailleur frontalier, intermittent du spectacle, artiste-auteur, fille au pair, au noir, entreprise individuelle (travailleur indépendant), portage salarial, CAE, EIRL, AERL, EURL, SASU, SELARL and SELAS.

Each freelance option is presented in easy-to-read sections covering tax implications, accounting requirements, social contributions, second job suitability, wage issues and the formalities for getting started, as well as any other peculiarities of each statute.



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Freelance in France is just what the doctor ordered. By that I mean that if you are faced with French bureaucracy and no guiding hand it can make you ill. I have been living and working in France for thirty years and this book even taught me a few tricks and directions to follow. It is a clear, concise and extremely well-informed work. If you are considering working and living in France or even visiting with the intention of picking up a casual job to pay your way, this little tome will be your Bible.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Carol Drinkwater
writer, filmmaker, olive-farmer[/bra_blockquote]



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