Robertsau split

Robertsau split

Can anyone shed any light on the ream of protest banners appearing in Robertsau? Judging by the content of said banners it appears that the city council is planning to create a new municipal ‘quartier’ – and not everyone is thrilled with the idea?

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  1. Bart November 18, 2009 at 9:56 am - Reply

    Well – the answer was in the blogosphere.

    Fellow blogger Emmanuel of ‘le blog de la Robertsau’ explains it’s down to the recent re-routing of traffic to the St Anne’s clinic. Until recently the entrance to the clinic was on the western side – but on a dangerously blind corner on Route de la Wantzenau. Now with the entrance at the rear, the safer eastern side, of the clinic – visitors must drive along the cul-de-sac of rue de la renaissance.

    Until now rue de la Renaissance has been a quiet little sub-suburb of Robertsau, so the home-owning residents are somewhat narked that they now have to put up with through-traffic. And they have even marched to demonstrate their dissatisfaction! How un-bourgeois is that?!

    The fact is sadly, as Emmanuel rightly points out, with property developers gradually filling every spare square meter with real estate, the quartier is slowly being destroyed anyhow.

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