[bra_center_title title=’Recommended Reading’ subtitle=’In addition to Freelance in France I can highly recommend the following titles to expand your knowledge of France, French, the French and doing business in France.’ top_margin=’0′]

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  • Talk to the Snail; Stephen Clark, 2006

    From the author of A Year in the Merde comes this useful, and hilarious, insight into the French psyche.  This makes for essential reading if you’re going to be doing business with the French!

  • 1000 Years of Annoying the French; Stephen Clark, 2010

    More essential reading from Stephen Clark. If you’re going to live France then you should at the very least have some idea of how the country came to be and evolved into the nation it is today.

  • Touché, A French Woman’s Take on the English; Agnès Poirier, 2006

    If all you’ve read are Anglo-Saxon views of the French then this personal take on the British will provide you with some much needed perspective.

  • Astérix chez les Bretons; René Goscinny & Albert Uderzo, 1966

    If you can’t read French yet don’t worry – this is a good place to start. This classic Bande Dessinée reveals as much about the French sense of humour as it does their view of the British. “Asterix in Britain”, the translation by Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge is also an excellent read.

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  • French With Michel Thomas Complete Course; 2000

    Although I studied French at school, scraping a “C” at GCSE level, my grasp of the French language was near non-existent until I listened to this fabulous audio course taught by ex-resistant Michel Thomas. Twenty years after giving up the language I was finally able to start speaking with relative confidence.

  • Bescherelle français coffret; 2012

    No French household can be considered complete without these three little volumes that safeguard the French language from destruction.

  • Colloquial French; CWC Kirk-Greene, 1992

    Anything that explains French idiomatic speech is good but this is the most useful book I’ve found.

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  • The Olive Farm / Return to the Olive Farm; Carol Drinkwater, 2010

    Forget A Year in Provence, as Carol Drinkwater’s tales testify, it takes more than a mere twelve months to build a sustainable existence for yourself in France. Hard work has something to do with it too, apparently…

  • Taxation in France, a foreign perspective; Virginie Deflassieux, 2008

    This book will give you comprehensive insight into French Income, Corporation, Capital Gains, Gifts, Inheritance and Wealth taxes. Written by accountants for accountants … it will also send you to sleep in under 10 minutes.

  • Starting a business in France; André de Vries, 2004

    I bought this book when I first set up in 2006. Finding information relevant to your particular situation can be difficult as it attempts to give you insight into every possible business type. It is useful to have however if you are setting up a company structure (Eurl, SAS, Sarl etc.) and want a perspective on what it’s like doing business in France.