A bloke in a chasuble

Frank was in town yesterday to nag the bureaucrats about their lack of enthusiasm for encouraging peace and cooperation between the peoples of Europe. He came, he spoke, he left. The only difference between him and the elected officials in the audience, as far as I can tell, is that he wasn’t required to sign-in to claim his parliamentary attendance allowance.

They came, they signed in, they sat, they politely applauded. It is unlikely however that a single MEP actually thought anything Frank said was going to make an iota of difference.  Still, it was nice seeing his chasuble pass through town.

His what?

His chasuble – you know the thing football players wear on the training pitch?

Now I’m confused – the Pope plays footie?

Er, I doubt it. No – the word chasuble (which exists in French and English and means exactly the same thing: the outermost liturgical vestment) is used in sport to refer to the bib players wear when training.  Why the French use the same word as the liturgical garment is beyond me.

Maybe in France sport is a Catholic thing – and I wouldn’t understand?