Planet Sushi: what planet are they on?

When it comes to food I am always ready to try something new. However, since accidentally ordering whole, cold, curried squid for breakfast in Yogjakarta some years ago, I do now at least make a point of knowing what it is I’m biting into first.  My gung-ho days are long gone.

It is with this spirit that I approached a recent takeaway menu shoved through the door from Strasbourg’s newest Sushi restaurant: Planet Sushi.

Now, I love Sushi. In fact as far as national culinary delights go – I would have to say that the Japanese, and their food, have the edge over most other nations on the planet. Yes including France.  I am not the only one in the republic who thinks so either.

In Strasbourg over the past year or so – over nine new sushi restaurants have opened. Testament perhaps to the local populous’ desire for healthier food. (Tarte-Flambée, Knack-frites, Bibelskaese, Raclette and Choucroute Royale are not exactly compatible with a weight-loss programme)

Planet Sushi is the latest addition to Strasbourg’s Sushi options, however it is far from being a traditional Japanese restaurant.  It is a Parisian franchise cooked up to…

assimilate traditional Japanese recipes and adapt them successfully to the Western palate, creating new recipes all of sushi and maki. (according to their website)

It is an idea which has enabled them to expand rapidly across the nation, but, unless you are devoutly French in your culinary thinking – it rather flies in the face of what sushi is all about: healthy eating.

These ‘adapted recipes’ include :

  • fois-gras rolls
  • maki rolls with cheese
  • salmon rolls with cheese
  • salmon and cheese sushi
  • maki rolls with Nutella (I kid you not)
  • maki rolls with Nutella and strawberry jam

Even for non-purist sushi aficionados the very idea of incorporating cheese into one of the world’s healthiest and tastiest cuisines in nothing short of culinary sacrilege … and it doesn’t taste great either!

As for the Nutella rolls – I daren’t even try one!

I think I’m going to be sick …

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