Pint sized problem

//Pint sized problem

Pint sized problem

The word ‘metrification’ is regarded by some sectors of British society as worse than cussing using the ‘c’ word. These people, with their irrational fondness for inches, feet, pints, fluid-ounces, stones, dozens, shillings, miles etcetera, appear to equate the possible loss of the most confusing and perhaps most stupid weights and measures system ever invented – with a botched vasectomy operation.

The discussion today is ‘will EUROPE take away our pint?’, not ‘why are we still using pints’?

If you agree and think metrification is a bad thing you’ve either never had the builders in, are very old, or most likely – retarded.

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  1. Golfy January 31, 2006 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    By the “C-word” I take it you mean Centi*et*rs… s’cuze my language – or should that be pardon my french – or more precisly, Greek (I think – therefore I might be)

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