It is unfortunate that the odd gros mot must creep into my blog now and again.  However, this is unavoidably the case when it comes to explaining certain cultural and linguistic observations in France. I apologise if you are easily offended.  I must admit though my sense of humour is partly to blame.

Of course swear words can have their up-sides, since posting this little piece about a student party group in town – the number of visitors to these pages has practically doubled.  I am guessing that the new visitors don’t stay terribly long though, for the lack of (in)appropriate visual stimulus probably has them hitting ‘back’ within a few milliseconds.

Getting to the point. Yesterday I extended my understanding of French slang with one new word: bite.  La bite (pronounced ‘beet’) is the non-medical way of referring to the male reproductive organ.  Yes – cock or dick spring to mind as direct translations. Interestingly though it’s feminine.

Soon after learning this I, of course, started sniggering to myself at the thought of the inevitable double-entendres one might come upon (oo-er) by accident.  For example:

T’habite ou? (You live where?)

Could easily be heard as:

Ta bite oo! (Your dick – oo!)

I really should grow up one day.