As Golfy rightly pointed out – it’s been a bit quiet in here recently. The reasons for this have been several, not least a cooling off period following a couple of career upsets, which I won’t go into for fear of inciting a law suit for libel.

Here’s a run-down:

  1. I’m rehearsing for my first ever acting role with Quai des Prunes (a Strasbourg based am-dram company of players), for a stage-set sketch show in January 2011.  This is testing my French to the limit – not only requiring me to understand the script, but also memorise it AND pronounce it without sounding like a five year old.  It perhaps would have been wiser to start my acting career with something in my native tongue, but there you go – should be interesting/painful.  Ticket info to follow.
  2. I have started writing a book about the trials of being self-employed in France.  It’s taking shape very slowly as I try and also earn money at the same time. (If you’re a writers agent – please get in touch – I need you!)
  3. I have been building and marketing a bilingual website for the Association Alsace Bande Dessinee, which seems to be taking up about a day a week – unpaid!  The festival is really shaping up though, (although the British Council declined my invitation to sponsor Dave Gibbons, John McRea, Charlie Adlard and Tom Gauld to come and join us this year) so make sure you’re in Stras for the first week of June.
  4. I’ve been consulting for Unite Recruitment. (paid)
  5. Studying for a DELF (Diploma in the study of the French Language) certificate is proving more testing than I imagined.  Level B2, my original goal is starting to look difficult to achieve with the amount of spare time I have to commit to it.  B2 being a level of ability/comprehension in the French language that is basically ‘fluent’.  I ain’t there yet so am tempted to drop down one level to B1 which would at least guarantee me a certificate.
  6. Paperwork – an incredible amount of time seems to be committed to this, primarily in order to prevent the French state from rendering me destitute on the basis of its dumb ‘estimated income’ contribution system.  I will be entitled to some slack only once my official accounts are filed in May and then I can look forward to a reasonably less stressful 2011.
  7. I’ve also been relaunching my business ‘front-end’ under the banner of Englishman Business Communications. Offering businesses a fresh independent, honest view of their organisation that translates into a simple but understandable language that brings synergy to the customer. Ahem, sorry…
  8. Friends – already lost one this year, but made lots of new ones.
  9. Planning a trip to Paris to watch the H-Cup final … could be an expensive weekend.  Currently hoping to see Clermont vs Northampton, but you never know – it could be an all French or all Irish final.
  10. Parenting
  11. Eating
  12. Sleeping
  13. Playing squash
  14. Watching TV (too much)
  15. Not blogging (obviously).