Music Schools in Strasbourg

///Music Schools in Strasbourg

Music Schools in Strasbourg

For a city so small it is quite surprising to learn that Strasbourg has no fewer than 17 music schools within it’s boundaries.  So if you, or your children (on Wednesdays for example), would like to learn an instrument, sing in a choir, play in an orchestra or simply study the art-form then you’re spoiled for choice.  Some are specialist schools, others are colocated within the quartiers socio-culturel centres but all offer one-to-one teaching as well as group classes.

With inscriptions starting next week, right now is the best time to start considering which one is right for you.  Pricing is usually per trimestre so remember to times by three to get the annual cost.  Note that whichever course you decide to take you will usually have to pay an annual membership fee to the school on top of your course fees.

Now, I have no idea which ones are good or bad or whatever, so if you have any knowledge in this area – please feel free to share it below in the comments form. Otherwise – to find out more pick up a copy of “Les Écoles de Musique à Strasbourg” from your local town hall or check out one of the links below …

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  1. Robert A. Darling September 3, 2012 at 3:08 pm - Reply

    I will be visiting Strasborg with a group of 35 adults (20 music teachers, 15 spouces)and would like to contact a local music school(s) with a view to visiting them on 26th October 2012.If any music school can help in this matter please contact me:
    Robert Darling Head
    Arnes County music school

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