More linguistic shenanigans …

///More linguistic shenanigans …

More linguistic shenanigans …

My three year old recently came home from playgroup with a new word. Which no doubt has got the poor boy very confused. The word in question is ‘Nein’ (the German for ‘no’); which he likes to follow with the word ‘ten’.

Strasbourg’s location and history means that the German language is used a great deal in Alsace in addition to the unofficial local dialect (Alsatian) which is basically an Olde Wurlde version of German.

So there we were worrying about the affects of a bilingual environment on our child – when really we should have been worrying about the affects of a polyglot environment!

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  1. SG May 29, 2008 at 10:49 pm - Reply

    Sounds like your little boy is going to grow up being multi-lingual with all the associated benefits!

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