So my first week of studies seems to be going well. It has been a steep learning curve on all facets of University life. This is what I have learned so far:

  1. local dogs go for walkies on Campus at night – just so there’s plenty of caca for us to step in by day
  2. the machine coffee is rubbish
  3. just about everyone at the University is confused … lecturers, students, admin staff, facilities personnel  (it’s a great environment for bonding)
  4. the form filling doesn’t stop, I have ‘signed up’ five times for the same course so far …
  5. the SmartCard system, known as Mon Pass Campus, is not run by Smart people, for if it were then all students would have one by now and thus be able to borrow books from the library
  6. the canteen coffee is rubbish
  7. the toilets are ewh! (no seats)
  8. the Platane building was purchased from a Croatian gypsy for fifty Euro
  9. there are two covered cycle arcs – the other two thousand get wet when it rains

Though none of these elements should detract from the institution’s high academic standards with which I have no quibble at present; it is perhaps just unfortunate that Strasbourg was narrowly beaten by M.I.T. in the World University rankings this week?