You may have noticed a slight down-shift in the number of blog posts here over the past two years. This is because I have been somewhat busy doing a Masters at the University of Strasbourg during this time.  It is over now however, so I can finally find time to bring AEIS back to life.

Indeed, writing for pleasure is once again a possibility.  Over these past 24 months I have been regularly putting a thing called a “pen” onto sheets of “paper” in order to complete these things called “assignments”.  Much to the protestations of the muscles in my writing hand – who’d forgotten what it was like to move a pen across a page for hours on end.  I’ve also had to take “exams” and write “dissertations”.  (What made the latter of these particularly taxing was that I had to do so in French.) I’ve had to read countless books and articles and have spent many days sitting resolutely in the languages library pawing through pages and pages of research.  I’ve had to get my spoken and written French up to a standard where I might actually sound intelligent to a native speaker (instead of like a foreigner who emigrated without knowing how to ask for a loaf of bread in the local lingo). I’ve had to get to grips with the University administrative and grading systems and had to whinge convincingly in French with my fellow classmates about our assignments and Professors.  I’ve also spent a lot of time learning to waste time on Candy Crush Saga…

Needless to say then that I have found studying both physically and mentally challenging. However, it has been a highly enjoyable experience.  Today I feel slightly less ignorant, slightly cooler and a little more French than before.

I have yet to work out what on earth a Masters is good for however… any ideas would be greatly received!

If you live in Strasbourg, or are a newcomer here, please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions you may have about life among the Strasbourgeoisies.