Yesterday was the first time, since learning to walk, that my son managed to step in a dog turd. Given that there is so much doggy excrement about, he’s done pretty well to avoid it until now.

But the good news is that he stepped in it with his left foot which, as any one in France will tell you, is supposed to be lucky! I won’t ponder the reasons why, except to say that in the UK they say that if a bird poops on you it’s supposed to be lucky too, so the whole poo equals good-luck thing does exist both sides of the channel.

What doesn’t exist in the UK is “Merde!” which is what you say to someone when you want to wish them good-luck. Translated literally this just means “Sh1t!”!

Of course, I assume there has to be some sort of context of camaraderie existing first before you use it. Though maybe I’m being presumptuous? Perhaps I should test it out in the bakers today?

Bonjour, une baugette s’il vous plait. Merci. Au revoir. MERDE!