It’s national poetry day in the UK and the English Speaking Community of Alsace are running a Limerick competition (with an Alsatian angle) to mark the ocassion.

I thought I’d shar my entries with you:

There was a young chap, rather posh,
Who was asked if he’d like to play squash,
at la terrasse des halles,
with Sarkozy and pals,
just provided he first had a wash.

There was a young girl from Rosheim,
who was arrested for committing a crime,
for in this location,
so very Alsatian,
you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. (er… not true)

There was a wee lad from Colmar,
who like to play blues on his guitar,
But passers-by wouldn’t throw money,
rather – jarrets de porc, choucroute and honey,
which is why he now lives in Myanmar.

There was a young chap from Alsace,
who had an embarrassing problem with gas,
he blamed all the cheese,
and plums from the trees,
and even Choucroute Royal – oh alas.