Letterbox blues

I’m lucky that my immediate neighbours are students. No matter what time of the day or night it might be – they are always ready to answer the door. Why this might be is anyone’s guess; perhaps it’s something to do with being sociable … or drugs?

Anyway, there is a distinct advantage to having someone around all day who can pick up the intercom whenever the buzzer goes; because, without one of those rather ingenious ‘letterboxes’ on the outside of the building, anyone who wants to make a delivery – has to be let in to access the mailboxes in the vestibule.

Which, in practice, can mean that the intercom of every flat in the block is routinely pressed every half hour or so by someone trying to deliver us something that we, in most cases, don’t even want.

Only the postman is able to deliver mail without leaning on the buzzer – but only because he has a key to our front door!

I guess the logic is that the building is better insulated, and thus warmer in the winter, if there are no gaping holes in the front door. However, I think I’d rather wear an extra jumper than have to deal with every tom, dick and pizza menu delivery boy that wants to be buzzed in to deliver me his or her junk.

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