Les dungeons et les dragons

///Les dungeons et les dragons

Les dungeons et les dragons

‘Join a club or society’ is the advice I’ve had from several quarters, when I have complained of my limited exposure to French people.

You see it’s all very well chatting away in French to your fellow students, but this won’t advance your understanding of the language beyond what you already know. Furthermore – you’ll only ever get used to listening to French pronounced with a foreign accent.

So prolonged exposure to the opinions of my German, American, Irish, Slovenian, Italian and Dutch classmates over a cup of coffee isn’t necessarily going to do anything beyond boost my confidence with the language. Pronounciation, new vocab and grammar has to be picked up in class – or out on the street …

So, following advice, I have joined an French-speaking group to play Dungeons and Dragons once a month. The game, which I had a passion for in my youth – but has alluded me since my later teen years, has already suceeded in expanding my vocabulary vastly after just two sessions.

For example, I now know these handy, everyday words: crossbow, half-orc, were-wolf, hit-points, spells, battering-ram, chain-mail, plate-armour, pike …

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