Maison des TanneursWhen it comes to making soft cheese, the French are world-beaters. Camembert, Munster, and Brie, for example, have to be some of the tastiest ways of serving up rotting milk that have ever been invented.

So I am having difficulty in understanding why, when you ask for a cheese-filled sandwich anywhere in France, they give you a baugette stuffed with Emmental!?

Emmental, for starters, isn’t even French, it’s Swiss; but it also happens to be the most flavourless, rubbery, un-cheesey cheese that you could possibly imagine, yet it is the staple diet of half of France.

In the supermarket there’s usually an entire shelf dedicated to Emmental. French Emmental, Swiss Emmental, Bavarian Emmental, big packets, small packets, grated ….
and it all tastes the same: B-L-A-N-D.

So why is it so popular? Could it be that the only reason people buy it is because they like the way it looks?

  • Why on earth did you buy Emmental?
    I’m sorry I couldn’t resist it. I just like the funny little holes it has.