KA-RA launch Twinmotion

Not far from the Fischer brewery in Schiltigheim stands an unassuming building where great things are afoot in the world of architecture. It is here that I’ve had the privilege to be involved in the launch of a new product, which is set to take the 3D design world by storm.

These are the headquarters of local company KA-RA Srl, which stands for Kinetic Arts and Research in Architecture. It’s headed by visionary architect Raphael Pierrat who, with the help of a team of talented software engineers, has created a software package that architects the world over have been waiting for.

It’s called Twinmotion2 and is the result of ten years of field experience with firms like the famed Zaha Hadid Architects. In essence it is a 3D design and visualisation application that renders in real-time and is loaded with tools aimed at helping architects to visualise their ideas with incredible speed.

What makes the product special is it foregoes the requirement for users to hit a ‘render’ button in order to see the final results. As any 3D designer will know, the significance of this is huge because it eliminates a process that can take hours to complete using conventional software.

It’s already been tested on a variety of projects including the Andre Malraux library in Strasbourg, which KA-RA have also photographed in order to compare reality with the visualisations from Twinmotion; and looking at the images – it’s hard to tell one from the other.

The question is how long will KA-RA be maintaining such humble and low key offices? If their future success is anywhere near as impressive as their Twinmotion product then a move to Silicon Valley may well be on the cards, and I look forward to making the occasional commute.

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