The staggering level of hypocrisy and anti-EU venom gushing forth from the political mouthpieces of the United Kingdom at the moment is really starting to get my chèvre. What makes matters particularly nauseating, for those of us who are little more seriously invested in the European project, is that the rhetoric is not confined to right-wing Europhobes. Shame on you Ed, Nick et al…

Think about it for a moment:

  • Cameron complains that most people did not vote for Juncker – without the slightest sense of irony that his own election was similarly flaccid.  Only 33,973 people actually voted for Dave in the 2010 general election and only 1 in 3 – of the electorate that bothered to turn up – for his party.
  • Cameron would have been able to influence the selection of Juncker as the leader of the EPP, of course, if he hadn’t come up with the ‘dotty‘ plan to set up his own little club of hard-liners in 2009.  This shows total lack of foresight and suggests that Dave didn’t truly understand the mechanisms of the system that we signed up to – some Prime Minister!
  • Calls for reform of the EU have long been based upon it’s lack of democratic accountability.  However, Juncker’s nomination is the result of a democratic process which was brought-in to respond to this very criticism – he is the representative of the largest democratically elected party in the EU Parliament (and not some appointed civil servant or old-school-tie crony).  Now saying you don’t like it amounts to hypocrisy in the extreme.  I don’t like you Dave – but I accept that your tiny majority gives you the right to play the leader.
  • The calls for “No to Juncker” are not balanced with any other suggested candidate.  Perpetually criticising something without offering solutions is childish.
  • Talking about ‘Brussels’ as if it’s some far-flung technocracy is falsifying the reality.  The UK is part of ‘Brussels’ and has a major influence on the direction and actions of the European Commission – the EU functions ‘with’ the UK therefore and not ‘despite’ the UK – as insinuated by our politicians.  Dave sits on the European Council, UK Ministers sit on the Council of Ministers and UK MEPs sit in the Parliament – all of whom are directly elected by the people of the UK – and they all have powers to influence the Commission.
  • Since the European elections Dave has been waffling on about the electorate wanting EU reform as if the 27% turnout for UKIP was in some way a the reflection of a majority view of the British public.  Erm – what about the other 73% of us Dave? Doesn’t that tell you something?
  • The British government has never once extolled the virtues of EU membership publicly, nor marketed it in a positive light. This is because as long as the electorate remain uneducated as to the positive aspects of the EU – there will always be some-one to blame for difficulties at home.  If you’re a rotten leader – you can blame Brussels.  Unfortunately this lack of information has resulted in misinformation in it’s place. UKIP’s message of EU exit being good for the country has now got so much momentum – and misguided belief – that any politician trying to say otherwise is flatly ignored. (Nice try Nick!)
  • The key issue that seems to come up time and again is ‘The City’ and the interference of ‘Brussels’ (see above) on the UK banking sector.  This of course is the same banking sector that caused the 2008 crash which we are still recovering from, it is also the same banking sector that makes billions out of highly suspect international tax-avoidance schemes, it is the same banking sector that has been described by some as the worlds biggest money-laundering operation. Why the British public would want to stop it being regulated more closely is, frankly, beyond me.

I could go on – but I shan’t because no-one will read this far… and hell, I haven’t even mentioned Romanian immigrants – which is obviously the main issue*.