The British obsession with dissing the Euro project had to end sooner or later. Although, none would have predicted that the collapse of law and order across the entire country would be it.

Now, as violent youths ransack high-streets up and down the country, the Eurozone PIIGS seem to have been quickly forgotten. With images of embarrassed British politicians picking through the wreckage of their country are broadcast around the world, those leading the five Euro nations under the magnifying glass (Portugal, Ireland, Italy Greece and Spain) must be letting out a collective sigh of relief.

Ironically, even the phone hacking scandal was not enough to stop the likes of the vociferous Jeremy Vine verbally lacerating the Euro on his Radio 2 phone-in show throughout July. (Balanced discussion anyone? Don’t make me laugh!)  The Euro crisis has consistently been the way the UK media have chosen to displace or ignore what’s going on at home, particularly if they can also imply that it is the cause of economic problems at home.

The events of the last few days are hard to ignore however, but I still wonder just how long it will be before Britain starts obsessing about Europe once more?