There was a gameshow on ITV a few years ago called ‘Simply the best’, which at first glance appearred to be an attempt at reviving the classic pan-european madness of ‘It’s a knockout’. Not so (apparently), this in fact was a poor facsimile of the French original. Why poor? Because they were missing the vital ingredient – a live sharp-horned steer.

It’s all very well getting contestants to negotiate an assault course while wearing a giant sponge costume, but it’s something else entirely when you send an angry bull after them; and this is exactly what they do in France.

Intervilles, as the name suggests, pits two towns against each other in a madcap battle of light-entertainment; but the highlight is when the contestants are asked to compete inside a bull-ring with a live bull on the loose; which they do two or three times throughout the show – with hilarious results.

It’s a shame that ITV’s fun police decided to axe this particular aspect of the British show; but one assumes that this was because they knew that a British audience just wouldn’t approve.

Which is somewhat ironic given the very same audience is perfectly happy to watch a bunch of neurotic idiots emprisoned in the ‘Big Brother House’ for three months. You have to ask yourself – which is more humane?

Personally – I’d like to see a show that combines the two …in the Big Brother Bullring?