Congratulations to Germany and the pretty little Lena for Saturday night’s Eurovision victory. While I can’t say I was particularly impressed by said performer’s Manc-o-Cockney-Irish accent, nor her interview technique, you have to give the girl credit for her performance. Whether she was the ‘least-worst’ or the ‘best’ is debatable, but it was all very entertaining nonetheless. And who can begrudge the people of Germany having danced so cooly for our entertainment in the streets of Hamburg and Dusseldorf for the half-time show?

If you weren’t there you missed something special – with hoards of dancers across the continent coordinating their choreography to the tunes of Flashmob, mixed in with Eurovision fans getting down in their living rooms thanks to the wonder of webcam. It was an amazing spectacle. The best moments coming from Vilnius, Gothenburg, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Dublin (but not from London where they got the timing all wrong). It was a moment that made you proud to be a European, a moment of brotherhood … it was just like totally awesome (to quote Lena).

If you missed it – here it is again …

Let’s hope the German’s do something equally special for 2011!