I’ve noticed that you get a better class of vandal in France. While, I grant you that, most of the graffiti you’ll see around Strasbourg is just mindless tagging, occassionally you see something that goes beyond simple defacement.

“This is the death of art” – was one I saw recently, written by a narked art student during some arts related strike last year. [Thankfully they wrote it in chalk].

“Sarkozy or Le Penn – will be the death of France” – a bit of political forcasting there from someone who strolled along the canalside with a large permanent marker-pen one day.

“Russian slut” – is my current favourite, scrawled across a picture of Kate Moss in her latest pose for Chanel. Clearly I’m not the only one who thinks that using a cocaine-sniffing middle-aged British mother, to advertise the fragrance ‘Coco Mademoiselle’ to the youth of France, is perhaps not the best bit of role model association that they could have come up with.